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An Interview With: Gilles Simon

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Q. What was the difference in the fifth set?

GILLES SIMON: Well, I think he played better. He was more offensive also. Unfortunately today physically I was not 100%. I had to play from far back to have time to see the ball coming and I had to run a lot. I think Marin just played better today.

Q. You had a 100% record against him going into the match. You must have been very confident.

GILLES SIMON: Well, I know what to expect against him, and today was no surprise for me. Even if I always beated him before, it was always very long and always very, very hard. I think he just deserve to time to win this time. Last time it was for me in Australia. It was a long fight also. This time was for him, also. That's it in tennis.

Q. Hitting the ball girl accidentally before the match, has anything ever happened quite like that? Did you talk to her later to see how she was doing?

GILLES SIMON: Sorry, I didn't...

Q. Accidentally hit the ball girl. Has anything like that ever happened to you? Did you talk to her later to see how she was doing?

GILLES SIMON: Yeah, just that it's dangerous when you have a tennis ball in your eye. I just wanted to be sure she was fine, because I had the feeling she just wanted to stay on the court, but it was just really hurting her. I asked her 10 times, and 10 times I had the same answer. I hope she's fine.