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An Interview With: Sara Errani

Friday, August 29, 2014

Q. How do you explain the twists and turns of this match?

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, first set I start very good, very aggressive. I was playing very good. She didn't put too many first serves, so maybe that was a bit the key. And the second set I start a bit down with the legs, not pushing too much the ball, and she was coming in the court. More first serves. So that was a big difference between the first and the second set. The third was very near. Many breaks. Very near the score.

Q. When you made this motion with your finger to your lips, what was the message that you were giving?

SARA ERRANI: No, I was -- of course I was very nervous. In the 5-4 to go 5-All in the tiebreak I heard the crowd. Never hear the crowd like that strong. I was shaking for the crowd. Was unbelievable good. I think I will remember forever that moment. Of course in the point after I was nervous. I was, Now you don't scream, like if they didn't scream. But of course the crowd was for her, totally for her. I don't know why I did like that.

Q. You weren't angry?

SARA ERRANI: No, no, no, not -- no. No, I was not angry. I was with the tension, with the adrenaline in the body, so I was just -- I don't know. I don't know how to explain it.

Q. Have you ever played in such an up-and-down match?


Q. Three completely different matches.


Q. Talk about that.

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, how I say before, I start very good. First set she was not putting too much first serve so I was aggressive with her second serve and was good for me. I don't know. These thing happen. Sometimes in tennis a match can change a lot. These things happen. I was just trying to keep focus also in the second, but I stop a bit. I was a bit tired. I stop my legs a bit, not pushing too much, and she was coming in. So after the second, I just tried to relax a bit and tried to put again my body 100%.

Q. When you're preparing for a match against Venus, do you factor in the American crowd and think about that before you go into the match?


Q. Before you play someone like Venus in her home country, do you think about the crowd and how that may play a factor in the match?

SARA ERRANI: No, not really. I just was thinking about that Venus is a great player, unbelievable player. Every time I play against her she won against me very easy. So I thought that I had to make my level higher, try to be much more aggressive than any time, and try to keep focus every point. Even if I'm going down like in the second, just keep going and try to be focus as I can.

Q. To come away with that win and in that atmosphere, just talk about sort of the emotions.

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, unbelievable, how I say before. The crowd was amazing. Even if it was not for me, it was for her. But to hear that scream of all the people I think I will remember always (smiling).

Q. How would you describe your accomplishment today, what you achieved by beating Venus Williams in this type of match? How would you describe it?

SARA ERRANI: I don't know what does it mean.

THE MODERATOR: Describe how you feel winning such a big match.

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, I'm very happy, of course. You can win, you can lost this match 7-6 in the third. Two weeks ago I won one match 7-6 in the third and the day later a lost 7-6 in the third. These matches can change with nothing, with one point. 5-All in the tiebreak I made that volley. Unbelievable. If I don't do that, maybe I lose. So of course it can change with one or two points. But of course I'm very happy of how I play all the match today. Even if I lose, I think I improve my game from the last days. Try to push, try to change a bit my game. Of course I like to play not that aggressive, but I know that with Venus and on that court you have to be more aggressive than I can.

Q. What are your thoughts on the level of Venus' play now, given that she's 34 years old and she's overcome an illness to participate? How do you think she's playing, and what do you make of the way she's doing things?

SARA ERRANI: I think she's playing unbelievable. I really don't know how I won today. Of course I think Venus is playing very good today. Maybe she didn't put too many first serves. Maybe she can make me feeling a bit worse if she put a lot of first serve. Today she didn't put too much. And also in the second I was very aggressive and was good for me so maybe sometimes is difficult to play against her because her serve is unbelievable. And even on the baseline with the forehand she making a lot of points, so he it's not he easy to play against her. But I think she's unbelievable player.

Q. You're playing your next match against Lucic-Baroni, who was just in here and described her win over Halep as the best day of her life. When asked if she felt like she was born again, she said yes. She's full of enthusiasm. She's riding a wave of confidence, for sure. What do you expect from this match?

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, I know her. She hitting very strong the ball. Is not easy to play against her for that, because she hit that ball really strong. Is not easy to move, to play. So for the moment relax, be happy for today, and from tomorrow, I think tomorrow we have double, and then thinking about the match. Of course will be not easy. She's playing very good if she won against Halep. Have to be concentrate and try to keep on with my game.