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An Interview With: Peng Shuai

Friday, August 29, 2014

Q. Another very nice win. How do you feel about that? Three tremendous matches for you. Do you feel good about that?

PENG SHUAI: I was for sure really happy win today. (Indiscernible.) Before the match, actually I was nervous. I really want to win because I know I have the chance. Then when the start both just hold serve game, and in the end I get a chance to make it. Because 3-2 I know I have like big chance. Was so tight. I was swing and then was out. And then she have really good slice. The backhand game like some trouble because the balls really low. And then finally I was like, you know, like in the second set just like tried to like swing, you know, to make the some like my ball, you know, try to make the heavy, give her some like more pace it. And then I did I think like I just tried to like hold it. Tried to best what I can do. And then I make that, yeah.

Q. Straight sets. You have faced two, very, very strong players in the last two matches. You know, obviously your fourth round match, whoever you play is going to be a difficult match. How much confidence do you have knowing you played so well against Roberta? How much confidence do you have going into what's going to be challenge in the fourth round?

PENG SHUAI: Big challenge (smiling). I know I never pass it. And always like maybe -- always different player. Also like I think for myself I need to be more courage, be more like stronger, and then try my best. Because now is I don't know who I gonna be play for next round. Either way Cornet or Safarova. Both is really good player. Safarova is lefty. Sometimes it's like different. I know this year she doing really good, you know. I will try my best. Yeah.

Q. How does it feel to get to the fourth round and in the way that you've done it through the last two matches. Like I said, two very strong players. They were upset matches for you. You find yourself in the fourth round of the US Open. How good does that feel?

PENG SHUAI: I think I always happy to make the second week (giggling), because when the tournament didn't started yet, because I know I'm not seeded player, so for sure, first or second round I have to face to that. And I didn't thinking like how I gonna do, because you never know because I don't know where the draw gonna put me. So now it's really happy to into the second week. So, yeah, is good.

Q. How happy are you with the way that you are playing, the way you're handling pressure, and how much confidence do you feel going into the fourth round?

PENG SHUAI: How happy? Now I'm still happy. I don't know, because every day you have like a different feeling, you know. Like when I play Aga I think I play really good tennis, and then even today was also good. And then I don't know how it's in Sunday. I hope I will be same. (Giggling.) Yeah.

Q. What's the challenge like when you're playing in both singles and doubles to maintain the energy that you need for all of these important matches?

PENG SHUAI: Yeah, for sure the energy, like my body to recover, it is big challenger. Then with a Grand Slam they are longer. You know, like each day you can play singles or doubles. So if you play same day singles/doubles, usually you can rest next day. It's a little bit better to recover than the, you know, usually the other like the tournament. But it's big tournament. Also I feel it's cost more the energy, so I think we just have to like to be fight. Yeah.

Q. You prefer though then when the matches would be on the same day or when you have one and then play the next day? You're saying you'd rather have a day off in between?

PENG SHUAI: No, no, is like -- you know, is like singles or doubles, like if you play same day singles/doubles you get like usually one day off. So but now like I think I would have like tomorrow doubles for sure, because after match supervisor come to me about the TV, the court. Because China want to show the match, so every day I play first, first, you know. So even like supervisor asking. It's difficult, because usually first match we have to prepare like before like four hours, three, four hours. Every day we come like 7:00. Yes.

Q. Na has spoken quite a bit about the feeling that with success also there is a bit of pressure to represent China well in the sport of tennis because there is so much enthusiasm for her successes back home. Do you feel that, as well? Do you feel sometimes you're not only playing for yourself but you're also playing for your nation?

PENG SHUAI: Actually I feel like both way. The good way is like lot of people like supporting. And then they are like really like, like how do you say, want us win. Like they are love tennis. And also for sure one way is lot of pressure sometime. Honest to say I don't want to take the pressure, you know, because if on the court you think like this way it is -- it's tough to play. So try to like, you know, just be simple. But sometime is tough how much you want to win, you know. Like you don't thinking like, but cannot. So for sure it's like both way. So how to find like the best way to balance, you know, to handle that. And also sometime I even talk with my coach same question. I ask him, you know. Then he say was like -- always it's not about like you or the other person, everybody. You know, we have like this is how to like learn to find the balance, to handle that. But I think also is by like every day the feeling. But always like, how do you say, you feel like play for yourself or for play for country. But same like, okay, you just play alone or for sure with the fans. I feel like it's coming together. Never can be separate. But it's together, but it's how you can like handle that. Yeah.

Q. Do you pay attention to social media or to conventional media to sort of see how your successes are playing back home in terms of reaction to the people back in China towards the way you are playing? Do you pay attention to those things or do you try to shut them out?

PENG SHUAI: No, no, actually I love play in my country because now they have more tournament. I feel every year I was traveling a lot. Doesn't have many time, you know, spend time with my friend, my parents. So I love playing China. Sometime I play really good with the crowd, but sometime also I get struggle with some matches. That happens. So I think I would say just, you know, like if I play good time, you know, just like everybody enjoyed that. And if sometime, you know, get tough day you cannot play the tennis. And then just say also like to want the fans, everybody, to be like (indiscernible). Yeah.