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An Interview With: Eugenie Bouchard

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Q. Are you surprised you played so well with the lack of preparation you had coming in?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I didn't feel maybe I was as sharp as I wanted to be. I was happy I could still play pretty solid. But, you know, didn't feel like I was maybe at my highest level. And, you know, she started playing very solid in the second. She was getting a lot of balls back. You know, at the end of the day it was really a fight and a battle. But, you know, I definitely hope I can improve from this match. I'm definitely not, you know, totally satisfied with that.

Q. What part of your game do you think needs work?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: A few things. I think I backed off a little bit in the second set. I think, you know, she was getting a lot of balls back and I think I just wasn't hurting her enough, so that was a little bit frustrating. You know, I definitely felt like she was kind of reading where I was hitting my balls, so maybe I was being a bit too predictable. A few things like that. Definitely could come forward and finish a little bit more. I knew she could come up with big shots, so maybe I was hesitating a bit. Things like that I'd rather do much better in my next match.

Q. How was it in the big stadium?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: It was cool. Yeah, my first time on Ashe. Definitely special. I felt really cool that they played Genie in a Bottle during the warmup. This was like, all right, it's going well so far, this is pretty cool. They played it again at the end of the match. So I felt, I don't know, I just felt pretty cool.

Q. Was the wind tricky out there?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah, it was worse at the beginning of the match. I mean, it was my main focus for at least a set and a half, just trying to manage it on one side. You felt you had to put so much spin just to keep the ball in the court. The other side I was just trying to, you know, use all my strength to hit it as hard as I could. It was something to deal with. Of course, same for both players. But definitely tricky. Even stuff floating around. I would toss and I saw like paper bags floating in this huge stadium. It was crazy. They couldn't do anything until it would come onto the court. Stuff flying around. It was definitely an experience.

Q. Do you prefer playing with or against the wind?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I preferred playing with the wind tonight. But other times playing against the wind is also good, because you feel you have more control. Tonight I feel when I put enough spin and everything, it was a little easier to dominate the point.

Q. Did the late start have any factor in the game?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: It didn't have a factor. You know, I don't think I've ever played so late. You know, doing a press conference at like 12:30 is a first for me. I think it's part of the US Open experience. You don't get there at the French Open or Wimbledon. I think it's exciting. You know, I was fine if the men went five sets, playing at midnight, that would be cool. I think it's part of it. It's fine.

Q. When you look up in that stadium, it strikes you. As you're tossing the ball, did you get a sense of how tall it was?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah, I was lucky enough to practice on Ashe at around 6:00 before the match. I got my bearings a little bit. But full of people, it's a different story. Yeah, usually, I don't know, when you toss up, you expect to see the sky sooner than you do. This is more people, more stands, finally you get up to the sky at the top. It's really cool playing in such a huge stadium. It's like nothing else, I guess.

Q. Did you hear the fans when they said, We love you, c'mon?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I heard some vaguely. I really try to block it out and zone in. But I hear kind of noise around. I just felt like there was noise all the time. The changeovers were like a party scene on the court, the loud music, the fans. It was definitely an entertainment type of experience. I think that's really cool for the fans to get into it. But I definitely felt the support out there.

Q. Stacey Allaster said this week they're doing like a World Cup for women's tennis, have the top teams in the world get together and play. If it happened, would you be excited about that?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I think it's a good idea for the WTA to, you know, try new things. If it's something the fans want, then for them to maybe consider, you know, doing some cool different format for the fans, I think that's a great idea. At the end of the day, it's all about the fans, so...

Q. What about Barbora Zahlavova Strycova?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I played her in my first round in Nuremburg. She definitely probably doesn't hit it as hard. She can get a lot of balls back. Though my opponent tonight got a lot of balls back. She mixes it up a little bit more. I'll try to be more aggressive than I was tonight. I think that will be my main goal in my next match.