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An Interview With: Sloane Stephens

Monday, August 25, 2014

Q. Do we call you a New Yorker now?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah. See. And my shirt says 'Bronx' I think.

Q. Are you moving here?

SLOANE STEPHENS: No. Maybe when I get old.

Q. Sports Illustrated last week called you a Southern Californian. We claim you in South Florida. You're both places.

SLOANE STEPHENS: I'm both. But I'm a Florida girl at heart. I love Florida. I see you all the time. I grew up with you.

Q. Talk about your match and how you feel things are going right now.

SLOANE STEPHENS: I thought the match today was good. I came out, played really, really solid. Got a little shaky at the end, but I was happy I pulled through. Things are going good. I got a new coach. Things are going really well. I'm pleased the way I'm playing. Just happy to be back here competing again.

Q. What did you find in the first set to find your groove?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, I just knew I had to come out and play solid. Annika is a great player. She gets a lot of balls back. I knew I had to play my game from the beginning, from the first point. That's what I did. I stayed pretty solid with that, so I was pleased with that.

Q. Serena has a match against Taylor tomorrow. Have you talked to her about anything? Are you close?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Who is 'her'?

Q. Townsend.

SLOANE STEPHENS: Well, no. It's unfortunate they have to play each other. Two Americans playing together in the US Open is a bummer. I haven't talked to either one of them. I wish them both the best of luck.

Q. What do you think of her as a prospect?

SLOANE STEPHENS: I think Taylor is awesome. I love her. She has a great game. Really solid off the ground. I think she's going to be a great player.

Q. What is it about the first match of a slam that makes it more difficult than it should be or normally would be?

SLOANE STEPHENS: I mean, every match is a tough match at any tournament. At a slam maybe it's just because everyone's a little bit nervous, a little more anxiety. Other than that, I think it's all the same really.

Q. Have you been to the Bronx or what is the idea behind the shirt?

SLOANE STEPHENS: It's an Under Armour shirt. Every day I'm going to wear a different New York shirt just because I'm cool like that.

Q. Who are you working with now for coaching?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Thomas Hogstedt.

Q. How is that going?

SLOANE STEPHENS: Good. It's good. I like it. It's been great so far, so it's good.