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They said what?! The best US Open quotes 2014: Part III

Caroline Wozniacki hits a forehand in the Grandstand on Day 3.
By Nicholas McCarvel & Olivia Wittels
Sunday, September 7, 2014

The world's best players are pretty good in the press room as well. From one-liners to inspirational quotes, we tracked the most memorable moments from the 2014 US Open, Part III.


Wozniacki got a little tied up between her hair and her racquet:

Q. Can you describe what happened when your racquet and your hair met on a certain point?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yeah, actually it used to happen when I didn't braid my hair. That's why I started braiding it. Once it gets to a certain length sometimes it can get stuck in the arm or the racquet. It's a first, you know, when it's braided that it's been stuck that good in my racquet. I still tried to hit the ball. Almost took my head off (smiling).
Q. What was going through your mind as that was happening?
WOZNIACKI: I didn't know. I was like, OK, which way is it tangled? I was trying to kind of figure it out. I was like, 'Maybe if I pull it, it will untangle itself.' But it just didn't happen. I didn't know whether to just laugh at it or be annoyed.
Q. Have you had a chance to see a replay?
WOZNIACKI: Yeah, I have. It was really tangled up good. I think all my hair would have to come off first before that was going anywhere.
Q. What were your thoughts as you watched the replay?
WOZNIACKI: I just laughed. We women keep it interesting.


The Frenchman revealed some of his thoughts about the progression of a tennis match:

Q. You know, you said that he was better than you. Do you think you were playing at your best today?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: You know, a tennis match is always – you know, sometimes you play well, your best tennis on two games and not on three games. It's like this. You know, tennis, it's never – how do you say that – yeah, it's never a straight line. It's always like this (indicating fluctuation).


According to Ernests Gulbis, you don’t need to watch tennis to be a Top 20 player:

Q. Just from watching matches, what can you learn about your opponents?
ERNESTS GULBIS: I don't watch matches. Honestly, I don't. I don't watch tennis. I'm not big on analyzing who's playing better. You know, there is a joke, what was it? You know when a lion is running behind many people, you don't need to be faster than the lion, you just need to be faster than the last guy. Same here. You walk on court, you have one guy to beat. Doesn't matter what happened before. 


Kei Nishikori seemed to enjoy the crowd during his string of long matches:

Q. Would you prefer to play best-of-three sets instead best-of-five sets? … Do you think this tournament is too loud?
KEI NISHIKORI: Not really. … I always enjoy coming here. Crowd gets, you know, very, you know, happy sometimes. But it's fun. It's different than other Grand Slams. It's good to have something like this.


Gael Monfils was asked about his curious decision to drink soda during his matches:

Q. Forgive me. I may not know your past enough. I don't think I have ever seen a player drink Coke during a match. Is that your thing normally?
GAEL MONFILS: (Smiling) well, sometime, you know, I just feel like I want a Coke, you know, and I drink a Coke, you know. (Smiling.)


Micaela Bryan (@micaelabryan) is about to get some Twitter competition from her little bro…

Q. Does Micaela still claim that you can kick [butt] in her tweets?
BOB BRYAN: She's taking a little break from Twitter. Look for her. She's going to make a rebound here soon. [My son] Bobby Junior might step it up. He's got a quiet 1,500 followers.


Could 2014 Federer take on his 2004-2007 dominant self?

Q. You come into the tournament with a title win and a slam final. How do you think the Roger Federer of this year would fare against the Federer of 2004 through 2007?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I hope I'm a better player today. Geez, so much time has gone by and I've practiced so hard over the years that I feel I have more power on my serve. I volley better now, I guess. I've gotten to understand so many things over those years. But the thing back then is I was so unbelievably confident. I was coming through stretches where I wouldn't lose against Top 10 players. I wouldn't lose finals. That I did for such a long time, I didn't remember losing – how it happened or how it would work. I had an unbelievable winner mentality.