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Social Sound Off: Classiest Champion

Social Sound Off: Tops in Class
By Nicholas J. Walz
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yesterday, we asked fans to make the call on which US Open winner, past or present, carried themselves with the most class and dignity. Based on your responses here on and on our Facebook feedback, it was a resounding victory for five-time US Open champion Roger Federer.

Federer, who has won the ATP’s Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award nine out of the last 10 years, finished well ahead of his idol and coach, Edberg, as well as fellow champs Kim Clijsters and Monica Seles.

Here’s a sampling of your opinions:

Basia Gortych: “I love watching the reaction of the players Roger has just defeated as they approach the net. Their smiles show not only their own sportsmanship, but even more the aura of sportsmanship Roger himself embodies. Is it any wonder he has won the Sportsmanship Award nine times? Fans adore Roger, and I have the feeling that most players fall into the fan category as well.”

Clowe Duran Jondonero: “Roger Federer is one perfect player on court. He is rarely injured and one player that you will enjoy in his games. Very classy and portrayed tennis in all his ability that people seeing him play will surely love tennis. I love this man for his positive attitude towards other players and invest some money for his foundation. My model and inspiration, the maestro!”

Rebecca Johnston: “For me, Federer is the best role model for up-and-coming tennis players and Kim Clijsters is the best female role model.”

Thanks to all who weighed in and made great cases for their favorite players. Social Sound Off, exclusive to, will post a new question each day for the most passionate tennis fans in the world to answer. Stay tuned tonight at 10 p.m. ET for our next Social Sound Off question – we’ll post your answers the following afternoon.

And by all means, share your thoughts: Is any champion classier than Federer?