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They Said It!: Best of US Open Media Day

No. 2 seed Roger Federer is interviewed ahead of the 2014 US Open.
By Chris Longo
Saturday, August 23, 2014

Some of the top tennis stars in the world spoke with the media on Saturday ahead of this year’s US Open. As we prepare for opening day, gathered the serious, bizarre and funny quotes from media day.

Serena Williams on whether the era of big shots is coming to an end:

I don't think my big shots are particularly coming to an end. (Laughter.) 

Roger Federer on Nadal’s absence from the US Open:

Yeah, I mean, I'm more disappointed for the fans, his fans, and the tournament, [which] puts up a great event. It's not necessarily dependent of an event like this, on the one player, but it's more exciting with him. For us, the players, we hope he gets well and he feels better quickly and all these things and he's back on tour soon. But at the same time, I think what stands out is the opportunity, to try to take advantage of the fact that he's not here. It's one less really difficult player to beat.

Novak Djokovic on the younger generation of players:

Well, I have been saying before that it's positive to see that there is a new generation coming up of young players who are challenging and also winning against top players in the big events and who are contenders for big titles. Raonic and Dimitrov are on top of that list, and they have been playing some really good tennis. They played semifinals of Wimbledon. So I'm sure that people who care about the sport and follow this support love to see new faces.

Eugenie Bouchard on playing in New York:

It's very exciting. I see the US Open as glamorous. That's the word that comes to mind. The city is so full of energy. The fans get really into it here. It's a crazy, busy, hectic week. If we had this all year round maybe it would be too much, but for the US Open it's amazing. I think all the players are excited to come back here. I am also very excited. Every time I come, I act as if it's the first time I'm here and I'm taking pictures and like a little kid in the car looking out the window. I have been like 10 times. It has this special effect on you.

Simona Halep on feeling comfortable playing in front of the boisterous US Open crowd:

I think it's a very nice thing to play in front of thousand people watching you. For me it doesn't matter if they are loud up there, because when I'm on court I'm very focused. ... Everyone can do everything they want. Every people is free to do. But sometimes like a player, you need some quiet during the points. But, you know, every player it's different, so for me that doesn't matter. No problem at all.

Maria Sharapova on her dream mixed doubles partner:

Can we bring Johnny Mac back? OK, I'd love that. I'm a little – I have too much focus on the court for him. Maybe he'd bring out my wild side. I don't know.