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Right/Left Handed
* No Challenge Round played
+ Challenge Round Abolished
  • Right-handers have won a total of 103 championship matches while left-handers have won 24.
  • The longest win streak by right-handers is now 24 years, 1985-2008, by 11 men.
  • The longest win streak by left-handers--11 years, 1974-1984, by 4 men.
  • The most championships won by a right-hander--7, a distinction held by 3 men: Richard D. Sears, 1881-87; William A. Larned, 1901-02, 1907-11; and William T. Tilden, 1920-25, 29.
  • The most championships won by a left-hander--5, by Jimmy Connors, 1974, 76, 78, 82-83.